Hire and retain the right talent for your organization using a tried and true skills-based approach!
A skills-based hiring approach recognizes people for the skills they have and can learn instead of hiring based on credentials such as a degree. By focusing on a candidate’s skills, rather than on their background, businesses can find the talent they need to grow, workers can find rewarding employment in growing fields, and communities can better adapt to economic change.
  • Most job openings list requirements that create barriers eliminating more than 95% of possible applicants.
  • A skills-based hiring approach can help you expand your talent pool, reduce bias, and increase diversity in your workforce.
  • Learn the benefits of implementing a skills-based hiring approach to attract and retain talent for hard-to-fill positions.

The Bay Area Regional Consortium of Workforce Boards invites San Francisco Bay Area employers to register to attend the SKILLFUL® Talent Series Workshop created by the Markle Foundation.

All workshops offered at no cost to Bay Area employers.